Friday, February 17, 2012

Ah Ma is sick

So I've reserved my handy Canon videocamera from Pitzer, played with it last night, and am ready to shoot my first cooking video. Unfortunately, Ah Ma is sick again, a relapse from 2 months ago. My mom called me last night and said "wait til Ah Ma gets better before you visit."

I'm going to give Ah Ma a call today to see how she's feeling. There are just some things we take for granted in life - youth, health, friends, family...some things just aren't the same anymore once you pass a certain age. I'm probably going to be doing some more nagging when I speak to Ah Ma.

"Please exercise...drink lemon juice...sleep more!"

In any case, I really hope her and Ah Gong get well soon. There's nothing worst than being sick on a sunny Socal afternoon!


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